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  • Nail polish, solvent: harmful for pregnant women?
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    It is possible to make yourself beautiful without endangering your health and that of the baby. Nail polish is not harmful during pregnancy but it is still important to check that the product does not contain formaldehyde or toluene, which is the case for the vast majority of products sold. The use of a solvent […]

  • How long does the nail polish last?
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    In order to improve the hold of your varnish, avoid certain gestures such as biting your nails. The service life of the nail polish varies according to different criteria. The holding of the varnish can be shortened if: the professional activity requires a lot of use of the hands, the varnish is poorly applied – […]

  • All the tricks to make nail polish last
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    Making the nail polish last for a long time is the dream of every nail addicted girl, and there are many small tricks.Let’s see what they are together.Use a top coat:The top coat is really an ally for the duration of our nail polish. Buy a good top coat and apply it when the second […]