Which colors of nail polish for which complexion?

Your nail polish should be adapted to your skin tone.

When it comes to nude colors, it is important to choose shades close to the complexion. On a pink tone skin, nudes with yellow tones will fit perfectly. Conversely, a skin with a yellow tone will go well with pink nudes.

The black varnish will go to all skin colors but will be more elegant on skin a little light. The latter will avoid yellow and gold.


As for the “pure red” varnish, it is suitable for all skin tones. Its different shades are associated more partically with this or that skin tone. Thus, the “bright red”, will be perfect for dark skin, the “pink red” for light skin and the “orange red” for more tanned complexions.

In general, bright or neon colors are associated with matte to dark skin but with the approach of sunny days – the skin being slightly bonzée – light skin can also enjoy it without risking a too garish contrast.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails: file them, polish them, apply a base.

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