Wedding: which manicure to choose?

On the wedding day, all the details count! Our tips to be beautiful to the end of the nails.


A nude manicure for the most discreet

The nude manicure is the safe bet of marriage. Chic and timeless, it goes to all hands and comes in different shades to satisfy all tastes and desires: taupe, beige, apricot nude, rosé … Another advantage of this sleek and natural manicure: it gives the impression that the fingers are more elongated and the nails more beautiful.

The editor’s advice: if you are looking for something really discreet, you choose a varnish color that is as close as possible to that of your skin.

A glittery manicure for the most daring

Want to put a little fantasy on his nails on his wedding day? You can be tempted by a glittery manicure. There are different ways to wear it elegantly: at the very thin edge on all the nails or just on the index or directory. The glitter offers a sophisticated rendering without being too flashy. Their little trick in addition: the brilliance of the sequins highlights the wedding ring and the engagement ring.

The editor’s advice: on a shade of cold varnish, sky blue or water green for example, we prefer silver glitter. And golden glitter on warmer nail polish shades like peach or pink.

A pastel manicure for the most romantic

If the wedding theme is romantic or bohemian, the pastel manicure is ideal. Water green, sky blue or light pink: these soft and fresh colors will fit perfectly with the spirit of the ceremony. Too bland for some or not elegant enough for others, the pastel manicure remains however very little requested by future brides.

The editor’s advice: we choose a very light pink to have candy nails to chew.


• To have a beautiful manicure and beautiful hands on D-Day, we avoid… to do it on D-Day! At least three months before the wedding, we take the time every day tomoisturize our hands while massaging the cuticles with a specific oil. Then, a few days before the wedding, we make a gentle scrub to have soft hands.

• If you do your manicure alone, the best is to do it the day before your wedding. You start by filing your nails correctly and then applying a base. We then apply two layers of the chosen varnish, which we fix with a top coat to avoid scales and bring shine to the nails. On the day of the wedding, we slip the varnish used in his handbag for possible retouching.

• If you have chosen the other option, that of entrusting your hands to a manicure expert: you take the time to do a trial (or even several tests if necessary) a few weeks before the wedding to be fully satisfied with the result on D-Day.

First of all, we recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails: file them, polish them, apply a base.

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