TWS Earphone That Provides Unexperienced Sound “PaMu Slide”

TWS Earphone That Provides Unexperienced Sound "PaMu Slide"

Have you ever seen a person who says “Wireless earphones are not good if you care about sound quality, and you have to choose them for ease of use?” Certainly this may apply to wireless earphones a while ago, but technology is steadily improving every day. The “PaMu Slide” introduced this time is a TWS earphone that allows you to experience powerful sounds that you wouldn’t think of as wireless. Considering ease of use, it is perfect for daily use because it has a stylish design that makes you want to carry it. If you use it for commuting or going to school, “ PaMu Slide ”, which focuses on both design and sound quality, is recommended.

PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

Pamate Slide was created by Padmate, the world-leading audio product manufacturer that condenses advanced technologies. We realized high-quality sound that we couldn’t think of as a wireless earphone. We succeeded in raising $5.33 million at INDIEGOGO, an cloud funding site in USA.

An ergonomic design provides an excellent fit. The charging case that uses the slide type is stylish and ideal for carrying around. If you are not satisfied with the wireless earphones you are using, such as sound quality, lack of sound, fit and battery life , please try PaMu Slide .

Features of “ PaMu Slide ”

What is the difference from PaMu Slide and other conventional wireless earphones, a popular topic around the world. Here are some of the next-generation specs.

PaMu Slide Over 70 Hours of Battery Life

Great sound quality with cutting-edge technology
By installing the latest Qualcomm chip QCC3020 , it is possible to receive signals strongly in a wide range. In addition, the LDS antenna is used to enhance communication sensitivity and connection stability. Furthermore , by supporting both AAC and aptX codecs, high sound quality without sound loss has been achieved. An ultra-thin diaphragm with a thickness of only 6 microns is installed inside the speaker . Designed to improve sound resolution and reduce distortion. The powerful and powerful sound of
“ PaMu Slide ” is realized by these cutting-edge technologies.

PX6 grade waterproof
Assuming that it will be used in any scene, the earphone body is IPX6 grade waterproof. Of course, you don’t have to worry about water breakdowns in the event of sudden heavy rain as well as sports such as walking and running.

Comfortable stereo call
With dual microphone and noise reduction technology , you can enjoy clear calls even in noisy environments. It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy music comfortably because it reduces ambient noise.

Sliding charging case
As the product name shows , the charging case of “ PaMu Slide ” has a sliding design. In addition to being able to take out quickly, the holding force by the magnet prevents it from falling off. It ’s “inadvertently” when you ’re fluttering, and you wo n’t lose it.

Wireless charging your smartphone
The PaMu Slide can be played for up to 10 hours on a full charge, but the charging case has a built-in 2,000mAh battery that can be played continuously for up to 60 hours.
In addition, a wireless charger is installed at the bottom of the charging case, so you can charge a smartphone that supports wireless charging in the event of an emergency.
Since the earphones are charged, it is almost impossible to charge 2,000mAh in full, but in an emergency, even if it is 20%, it can be charged.

Now comes with a special carry bag!

TWS Earphone That Provides Unexperienced Sound "PaMu Slide"

“PaMu Slide” is now begin to sale on Moldac, the price of one set is $129 (including tax). Now that you can get a carry bag for free, why not consider switching to this opportunity to get a good deal?

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