True and Real Review for PaMu Slide

Padmate Releases New Deep Bass Bluetooth Earphones - PaMu Slide

Today’s another little tech review, I like to do these kind of reviews, because I love new technology. first of all, thank you to the company, they sent me these headphones called PaMu slide. How satisfying is this? I guess that’s why they call it the slide, very cool but very easy to use. You take them out and they connect almost instantly, that’s what they look like and they are true wireless headphones. Which I love that’s what they look like in the ear and they definitely won’t fall out. Very simple to take them out, that connect very easy, put them in your ear, they’re in there very snug. You can use one at a time if you want it kind of does block out sound, so if you want to be aware of your surroundings just be aware of that, maybe you just want to wear one.

PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

They’ve got the airpods’ look, but the block everybody wants their pods in black, they look just like it. I’m pretty good here’s both of them in the ear to pause and play the music, you just tap it once for Siri and Google assistant. You tap it twice you can also answer phone calls, by tapping it once if it’s ringing. If you touch it a little bit longer on the left side, the volume will increase and if you touch it longer on the right side the volume will decrease. It’s actually really comfortable in the ear. Usually I don’t like headphones with this that stick right into the ear, but I don’t feel like I have to jam this one, the whole way in which is pretty good. So it kind of just sits in there and it’s not gonna fall out, feels nice. It’s a very powerful base to it, so if you’re a big fan of bass, you’ll like these.

Another great thing about these is the battery life. I haven’t tested it fully, but they say it goes up to ten hours and another 60 hours of charge with this case. That’s one of the best I’ve seen for wireless headphones. So after 60 hours, you’ll have to charge this case, so I would say around 50 to 60 to be safe. This sounds pretty good, it’s not bad at all. It is water resistant, so if you get water on it when you’re running or you’re sweating, you’ll be fine. And the sound is really good.

Another cool feature I’ve never seen on any headphones before, this case is a little thicker than a lot of cases which is kind of sucks but it serves a purpose. There’s a button at the back, if you press this button twice it should flash then you turn it around and you put your phone on and it will charge it for you. That’s very cool, my phone is the iPhone 7, so it won’t charge wirelessly, so if your phone can charge wirelessly that’s a pretty cool feature so right now.

PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

If you wanted to get one, I’ll leave the link below. It’s on IndieGoGo for about $69, it’s the early bird special, so let me know what you think about this PaMu slide, very cool wireless headphones.

PaMu Slide | Indiegogo

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