The useful tips about Nail glue

Nail glue is an indispensable tool both for applying the tips before reconstruction and fixing a broken nail. There are different types on the market, in this article we will see which one to buy, how to use it and useful tips!

Nail glue for attaching tips and nail art decorations

Nail glue is a fundamental product to make the tips adhere to the natural nails without damaging the surface. It is of the utmost importance to use a glue specially designed to be used in this area, you absolutely must not apply adhesive products for other purposes. This is not only because  they could cause you serious problems, but also they could penetrate under the skin.

There are different formats on the market, with brush or spout that will allow you to avoid annoying smudges on the cuticles and will allow you an ideal adhesion of both false nails and rhinestones or other nail art decorations.

Nail glue to fix a broken nail

Very often it happens that our nails break, perhaps near the skin where filing could be difficult and painful. In these cases, you can remedy this by using a little glue and the splendid tea bag technique.

It is also transparent and will allow you to easily “camouflage” it by applying the enamel of your favorite color without problems.

And you, do you use nail glue? Which one do you usually buy? As always, I invite you to try and wish you a good manicure! If you want to get know more of manicure and pedicure set, take a look at our nail supply store, and you will find more products at affordable prices.

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