The Most Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

Most of us love to wear fake eyelashes but do not know which ones to wear, how to wear or are just simply scared to try them.

Well this tutorial has clear cut answers for you and this is the most natural looking eyelash extensions that we have ever come across. Fake eyelashes make a dramatic change to how our eyes look and enhance its beauty. Most women use it for beauty purposes. Now it is your turn to make one. Read on to know the further steps.

The materials to wear these eyelash extensions are

1. Lash Glue
2. Two Types Of Short – Medium And Long Lashes
3. Tweezers
4. Cream Remover

The good part is that the eyelashes do look amazing and completely natural.

Lastly, use a good lash remover cream to gently take off the lashes. Enjoy watching this video on eyelash extensions.


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