The Guide for Men’s Pedicure

As a part of the human body, the foot supports us to walk, work and live, and we need to take care of it frequently. Not only for women, but also for men. As the nails on the feet, they also need careful care. Today we are going to talk about men’s pedicure care. If want to relax yourself, just follow our steps below:

Step 1: Immerse your feet

Use the pedicure spa liner, hot water, and foot tub to have a foot bath. You can add some essential oil, which can help you soften and moisture your skin. The soaking time of 2 to 5 minutes is the best, too long is easy to make the skin wrinkle, the time is too short enough to soften the skin.

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Step 2: Exfoliate the skin

After soaking your feet, don’t rush to dry them. Use the pumice stone to remove the dead skin on your feet, thereby effectively inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This will make your feet look good and hygienic.

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Step 3: Cut the nails

Just like our fingernails, you only need to cut off the white part of your nails and trim your toenails as little as possible. Remember to use professional nail products.

Step 4: File the edges

After cut your toenails, the nail file is time to play. Filing your nails from one side to another side slowly by the nail file. The process will be long and boring, and you have to be patient and done slowly.

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Step 5: Deal with the cuticles

Don’t tear the cuticle by your fingers. Because it is easy to bleed when you tearing the cuticle. And remember, you can use the professional nail supplies to deal with the excess cuticle.

Step 6: Rinse and hydrate

When all the above operations are completed, you can dry your feet. If necessary, you can also apply some moisturizer, and you will find your feet look better.

I wish you have a good pedicure!

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