The differences between aesthetic and curative pedicure

There are two different types of pedicure: one mainly aesthetic and one more medical. In this article, we are talking above all about the interventions on the feet that can be performed within beauty centers. For the solution of more serious problems, it is necessary to consult a podiatrist instead.

Keeping your feet in good condition and well cared for is important, not only for beauty but also for well-being and feel comfortable in any situation. Let’s go to discover the main differences between an aesthetic pedicure treatment and a curative one.


Aimed at restoring a well-groomed, fresh and healthy appearance to the skin and toenails, the aesthetic pedicure always begins with a good foot bath. Soften the skin and the area around the nails, so that you can then treat the better these areas. In our shop, there are accessories for professional pedicure spa kits, you can remove the most superficial layers of skin, the arrangement of the nails with cutting, filing and smoothing.

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The aesthetic pedicure is an intervention that will have an extremely relaxing effect on the client, perhaps also accompanied by a massage on the sole of the foot that will relieve stress and tension.


The curative pedicure treatment can be carried out both by the beautician, in cases of minor problems such as corns, calluses or thickening of the skin. With the aid of pedicure supplies such as pumice stone, pedicure toe separator, and nail files, the curative pedicure will be more efficient. In more complicated cases, the podiatrist can also indicate pharmacological treatments.

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Our advice is to have a professional pedicure once a month: this will allow you to always have feet in excellent health.

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