Spray varnish: the opinions of those who have tested it

A highly anticipated innovation has recently arrived: spray varnish! This one promises a quick and easy application of nail polish. Beauty youTubers and other beauty addicts did not resist long before testing it. Compilation of their opinions, without wooden language.

Invented and marketed on November 12, 2015 by the British brand Nails inc, of which Alexa Chung is the famous muse, the spray varnish guaranteed to revolutionize the classic (and sometimes laborious) application of nail polish. Today, it is available in 6 colors, and the concept has been taken up by the cosmetics brand Nocibé.


After preferably applying a base, the spray should be sprayed 10-15 centimeters from the nail. No need to aim precisely or use a lot of product! The material is quite covering in a pschitt. Then, just add a top-coat for a better hold. Finally, it is advisable to clean the places where the product has overflowed with a cleansing wipe or soapy water to make the manicure impeccable. In theory, its application seems to be child’s play but in practice? Four bloggers and Youtubers have tested it and share their experiences.

“Strong smell” but “harmonious result”, Sandrea’s mixed impressions

Successful YouTuber Sandrea had the idea to test the spray varnish in a video called “Class or naze?”. Quickly, Sandrea notices that the application is not so simple and that in case of spray too close to the nails, the result is not smooth and homogeneous. Another negative point? The strong smell of the varnish that she describes as “unbearable”. On the other hand, the young woman finds that the water erases the overflows quite well (except when the skin is dry or wrinkled) and she welcomes the result that she finds “pretty” and “uniform”.

“Easy to apply, playful, harmonious coverage”, the youtuber Entre Brushing et Cuisine is satisfied

More positive assessment on the side of Pascaline alias Entre Brushing et Cuisine! Satisfied, the 28-year-old YouTuber is full of praise for the object: easy and quick to apply, playful and non-restrictive use, little product used for uniform coverage, a silver color she appreciates and faster drying than that of classic varnish. But the young woman has some downsides: its high price (14 euros at Nails inc, 7 euros at Nocibé), the few colors still offered and above all, the complicated cleaning of the hands. According to her, it would be necessary to sell with the spray, a small cleaning brush in order to facilitate this key step.

“Unharmonious distribution” and “complicated withdrawal”, Pushka is not convinced

In turn, Souchka tries the spray varnish and the least we can say is that the young youtuber is not convinced! She finds the application difficult, having trouble distributing the material harmoniously, especially on the thumbs. And the experiment doesn’t go any better when she tries to remove the extra material by immersing her hands in soapy water. No results. It is only by rubbing with a washcloth that Souchka manages to remove the surplus. She eventually concludes that spray varnish takes no less time to apply than a regular varnish.

Miss zhora. B “1000%valid” the spray varnish

An opinion that youtuber Zhora absolutely does not share! Indeed, the latter is a fan of spray varnish because it finds its application “easy”, “fast” and “fun”. Once applied, it adds the Dr Rescue varnish from Maybelline which acts as a base, top-coat and fortifying care. A 3 in 1 product! Also, Zohra is seduced by the “simple” and “magical” removal of the excess varnish. She “validates 1000%” this innovation that she soberly describes as a “little jewel”. Spray varnish has gained a follower!

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails: file them, polish them, apply a base.

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