Refill reconstructed nails: what is it and how often is it done?

Nail reconstruction is a treatment that requires periodic retouching, called refills. Refills are necessary for both a technical and an aesthetic question. But what exactly are they for and how are they made? Which are the prices?

Reconstructed nails refill: what is it for

After the reconstruction, the nails grow back by moving the gel (or acrylic) upwards. And the refill must also be done for a technical question: in the reconstruction phase, the structure is created according to the length. Therefore, after the nail regrowth, the crown moves and the gel (or acrylic) cannot hold for long.

With the refill you can keep the same length or shorten it to get it back the same as before or shorter. If desired, with the filling, you can also change color and nail art.

Reconstructed nails refill: how to do it

The refill begins by filing the lower part to eliminate the step created between the natural nail and the reconstructed part. Subsequently, part of the gel (or acrylic) on the rest of the reconstruction is removed, preparing the nail for a new layer.

If desired, you can adjust the length by the manicure and pedicure set  with a 180 grit. At this point, the small area of the natural nail is opaque and proceed with a new application of gel or acrylic to redo the structure. Finally, any colors, decorations and top coats are reapplied.

Reconstructed nails refill: when to do it, prices

The refill should be performed 3-4 weeks after the previous reconstruction or retouching. It is important not to let too much time pass, because there is too much regrowth you have to remove everything and redo the manicure.

As you know, the prices of the reconstruction vary depending on the center or nail technician and the type of reconstruction. Normally, the refill costs 10-15 euros less than the “complete” rebuild.

Have a good manicure!

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