Pretty nails: 10 beauty tips to know

Massaging them with vegetable oils, performing a homemade treatment, adopting the right technique for filing them or whitening them with a lemon… here are some easy-to-adopt and ultra-effective tips for displaying sublime nails.

  1. Remove small impurities To have pretty nails, they must first be perfectly clean. To do this, a few tricks can be used to remove any trapped dust.
  2. Use white vinegar Nails are made of keratin fiber. To make them shinier, you can soak them in a small bowl filled with white vinegar.
  3. Take care of your cuticles For flawless nails, you have to take care of the cuticles. Every evening, a small massage of the contour of the nails with a special cream for the hands.
  4. Make a homemade recipe Mix half a potato, 2 cabbage leaves and 2 or 3 tablespoons of oatmeal, apply everything to the nails and leave on for a few minutes.
  5. Massage your nails with a vegetable oil Olive oil or sweet almond oil in massage will restore their strength and protect them from external aggressions.
  6. Whiten them with a lemon Lemon is an unparalleled beauty ally. By rubbing it on the nails, it makes them become shinier and stronger.
  7. Fortify them with hydrogen peroxide Immerse your fingers for 10 minutes each week in warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Your nails will be all the stronger and whiter.
  8. Consume brewer’s yeast It’s found in the form of food supplements, tablets or flakes. Perform 1-2 months cures each year to strengthen and enhance your nails.
  9. Make a revitalizing bath Mix olive oil and a few drops of essential oil of lavender or ylang-ylang. Let your nails soak for a few minutes in this mixture to make them less brittle.
  10. Adopt the right technique to file your nails If yours are brittle and tend to split, it’s better to start from the outer edges and go towards the center, always filing in the same direction.
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OK! You now have a new understanding of beauty tips for pretty nails, so bring your manicure supplies and take good care of them! If you don’t have, please have a look at our nail supply store online, where there are all kinds of nail beauty products.

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