PaMu Slide Over 70 Hours of Battery Life

PaMu Slide Over 70 Hours of Battery Life

These are the pamu slide in ear truly wireless headphones, they claim to have 10 hours battery and they’re pretty cool. Let’s take a look what we have in the box. A type-c standard USB cable, this is gonna allow you to charge the battery case for around 60 hours of playback. And you get 12 pairs of ear tips additional, so we’re going to getting that perfect fit with our ears. Regards to the earbuds themselves they claim that they are not going to fall out of your ear.

Then let’s setting up the headphones and connecting them via bluetooth with the cellphones now. They do have an LED indication light when they are paired and also when they are running low on battery. The headphones powered by the Qualcomm qcc 3020 chip which they say is the most advanced truly wireless earphone chip in the world now. They also claim that other companies like Bose, Sony and Jabra are still using the older Qualcomm chip. Some of the features of the earphones include bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, instant pairing which is a must for true wireless earphones, water resistance which comes in an IPX6 rating and around a 10 hour battery life, so you’re not really gonna have to charge these very often. However there has the built-in battery coming with the case itself which is rated for around 60 hours and the battery case itself is actually quite nice as you can see. It’s great with two thousand milliamp hour built-in battery and the top has a really nice leather type texture with some Pamu branding.

PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

For the superior versions, they have a built in wireless charge with the case,so if you’ve got a phone like an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy device or anything with wireless charging, you can just put on top of thiscase and then it’s gonna wirelessly charge your device. But one thing that I’m not a huge fan of, is actually getting the earphones out of the case when the door opens. The left earphone at the top would just actually the rights earbud which is a little bit strange, can be a little bit finicky to get in and out of the case, because these silicone material that’s actually around the headphone.

You can just put them very easily in the case and they’re gonna snap in there with magnets with no issue whatsoever and they’re easy to take both in and out. However, it can be a little bit tricky from time to time you do have a built-in LED indicator on the top to let you know at a glance just how much battery you’ve got left in the case. But as I mentioned you’re gonna get around 60 hours of battery playback with the case, and plus 10 hours with the actual earbuds.

As I mentioned earlier, they claim on their IndieGoGo campaign that they never fall out of your ears, they’ve got a ton of backing from some MBA sports stars and things like that as well, so I have to definitely give it a go and for me no matter what I tried with these three pairs of silicon tips, I just can get the right fit for me.

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