PaMu Slide Earphones – AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

Today, I have a TWS earphones called pamu slide that on indiegogo at the moment, and it’s from a company called padmate. In the package there is two earphones and a wireless box that you can charge your earphones on that, which i think it is incredible. Up a USB type-c cable with it, so you can charge a USB type-c phones with this charger.

PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case

I think they look pretty cool, they are available in other colors as well in white and green. The earbuds are also have IPX6 waterproof and they got automatic pairing. They have touch control, and they are touch sensitive as well. They have a good sound quality I can tell you that now, very good bass. The sound quality is great, they’re all around mid lows and highs perfect blend, but I thought they’d be louder and I do think I need bigger earbuds because it doesn’t seem to sit perfectly in there. That’s my only criticism.

The charging case is also a power bank as well, so you’re gonna get
some juice in there like shredder has. This case it’s a charger 2,000 milliamps, should put enough juice in your phone. It supports fast charging. If you tap the button on the case, this will turn the case into a wireless charger. How amazing is that. Once you’ve finished with the earbuds, obviously pop them back in the case, they start charging. I see the lights. On the top of the case, there indicates how much power the device has. How impressive is that a device with wireless charging and normal charging.

This is on the Indiegogo site at the moment, and I think you can go through around $49. I highly recommend just to get the full package. And after the crowdfunding, you can buy them on Moldac as well.

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