PaMu Scroll: True Bluetooth Headphones Review

PaMu Scroll: True Bluetooth Headphones Review

In recent times, crowdfunding sites have been flooded with Bluetooth headset prototypes in the wake of Apple’s famous Airpods. Will they be valid alternatives? But above all, how much is “right” to spend on a similar accessory? Let’s find out together in our Pamu Scroll techno review.

Indiegogo phenomenon

Up until months ago, Pamu Scrolls were available for $ 39 and were delivered within 2/3 weeks. The result of an extremely aggressive and massive marketing campaign, the target was quickly reached by saturating the first batches of shipment and consequently raising the selling price. Now the Pamu Scrolls are on sale for $ 75 on Moldac. Is it still worth buying them? Let’s see how they go after a couple of months of regular use.

A quality audio

The first important point of evaluation of a pair of bluetooth headphones that pride themselves on being a cheap alternative to Airpods is the audio quality. Objectively, Pamu Scrolls sound good, with full bodied bass and brilliant mids. The tested the headphones to a Samsung Galaxy A8 (with active Dolby Atmos), a LG B8 TV and the car’s bluetooth (a Volkswagen).

listening to music on headphones (via Spotify Free and Amazon Prime Music) is excellent. The insulation from the external environment is very good, even in the absence of a noise cancellation system. The Pamu Scrolls seem to have been created for use via Bluetooth with a smart TV. Perfect sound reproduced with Netflix. Impressive feeling re-proposed with films and TV series. The audio in conversation is quite clear (connected to the bluetooth of the machine), but inevitably you are forced to use only one device.

The Pamu Scrolls look compact even though …
… it certainly cannot be said that the container is comfortable. Objectively rather cumbersome it is configured in the dimensions of a cylindrical-shaped supplementary battery. Instead the system of “setting aside” and charging the headphones is very well thought out. The magnetic fingerprint immediately brings the Pamus to their seat and turns off the Bluetooth. Here, however, we have found a first problem: if the housing is completely unloaded, the Pamu earbuds will not decouple from the device and must be done manually. The pairing once disconnected instead is almost immediate.

The ergonomics in the ear is difficult to assess because it is very subjective. Personally, I found the most compact rubber pads to be comfortable (there are 3 different sizes). On the move, the headphones stay in place, while eating tend to slip out, but as I said it’s all very subjective.

PaMu Scroll: True Bluetooth Headphones Review

IPX6, quality materials, questionable aesthetics

The Pamu Scrolls boast of being resistant to water and dust and as far as I could see it is so. I didn’t venture to extreme tests (like the shower), but taking them with wet hands (I even fell into the sink!) I never had any problems.

The materials used to make the Pamu Scrolls reveal a sense of quality and robustness. The received model (Rock’n’Roll – Sienna color) comes with a case made of soft leather. Honestly I find it well packaged, even if the overall aesthetics is rather questionable (both of the casing and of the headphones).

Also excellent is the touch control system that allows you to pause and resume listening through headphones, to activate virtual assistants (both Android and iOs). The absence of a volume control gesture weighs.

Do Pamu Scrolls agree today?

The answer is YES! They work well and do everything that their IndieGoGo page promises, at $ 75 they are a good price. Bought at $ 39 were definitely a bargain, surely they will no longer existing. In reality I think that the strong discounts applied are exclusively a technique used to entice the user to sniff out the deal.


  • Android and iPhone with bluetooth 5.0
  • LG TV
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Playstation 4 (does not detect Pamu Scrolls as a pairing bluetooth device)Nintendo Switch (the Japanese console does not yet allow bluetooth headphones to be paired)

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