Padmate PaMu T5 Review: Descending PaMu Scroll

Padmate PaMu T5 Review: Descending PaMu Scroll

Since the launch of Apple Airpods, many iFan have been aggressively spending expensive Airpods and later Airpods 2 with minor hardware improvements. For high-end users who still want to experience a good wireless headphones, not inferior to Airpods, but at a more affordable price. Today we are going to look at the cheap true wireless headset from Padmate (the brand behind Pamu Scroll’s resounding success) – Padmate Pamu T5. This is the latest product just released by the company in 2019.


The function and usability of the headset is always important, but that is not all when we are in a good era from outside to inside. The appearance of a product that wants to be sympathetic must first be beautiful. At this point, the Padmate Pamu T5 will definitely impress you at first sight.

Padmate Pamu T5 from the charging box design has proved to be different from most other brands. Black and white color schemes increase contrast and click on the elegant vintage body. The curved design in the box lid increases the sexy considerably. Padmate said that this design on the charger box was inspired by the ancient wall architecture in Huizhou, China.

Padmate PaMu T5 Review: Descending PaMu Scroll

This makes the box look very fancy but has a classic classic look in it. However, after a period of experience, I feel Padmate Pamu T5’s box is like the face of a cuter cat. If Padmate has added a sticker to it, it is perfect.

On the front of the charger box there is a small row of 4 battery status indicators. When you put the headset inside, this range of lights will turn green to indicate the remaining battery level in the charging box. This lamp will also automatically disconnect after a few seconds and not show the status of the headset charging. The only way to see if the headset is charging is to look at the red indicator light on the housing of the headset.

The charging port section on the carrying case still uses the old Micro-USB port and is located at the bottom of the box.

Padmate Pamu T5’s housing section is finished with pearl white ABS plastic with a round imitation metal strip to create accents.

Padmate Pamu T5, the faceplate, has a strange surface texture. It is also raised and sloped to one side so that the operation of the headset is more accurate. The small hole on the faceplate surface is the receiver hole of the integrated microphone.

And the tradition of the Padmate Pamu T5 is still designed to be the same as Apple Airpods. All control operations will be touch on the faceplate surface. This design seems to be very similar to the older man Pamu Scroll before. The entire side of the sound drain is also kept almost intact. The charging position is also the same. In addition, due to keeping the Pamu Scroll’s safe design, Padmate Pamu T5 will not come with an earhook. However, the experience of wearing the ear grip of this design has been proven experimentally, so we don’t need to be too worried.


Padmate Pamu T5 inherited all of Pamu Scroll’s advantages before.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity standards allow for better signal transmission. Specifically, there is a significant reduction in latency when watching videos or playing games. The outgoing signal is also more stable, rarely disconnects. However, to take advantage of this power, the device plays, your smartphone must also play Bluetooth 5.0. This is important because if the transmitter is a lower standard, Padmate Pamu T5 will still be able to function normally but the delay will be significantly increased.

IPX6 waterproof capability allows you to comfortably wear headphones and go under the “Like a Boss” rain or even accidentally drop it into the water (take it out immediately). Padmate Pamu T5 is a true sports headset.

Automatically connect, of course. Padmate works exactly like the Apple Airpods in this clause. Just connect the transmitter for the first time. From the next time you use it, you just need to pick up your ear and enjoy it

Convenient touch control, like Apple Airpods too. There is a difference in the features of Double Tap with Left / Right ear. The left ear that touches 2 times in a row calls out the virtual assistant, for example Siri or Google Assistant. The right ear touching 2 times will transfer the song. When touching once on any ear, the operation will correspond to Stop / Play music as well as receive a call. Canceling the call will be touching 2 times in a row. Sadly, Padmate Pamu T5 has not been added to the volume reduction.

Listening to both ears, this feature is not noticed by many but it is necessary for anyone who hears the call. The listening experience will become more complete and pleasant when the sound is spread evenly on both sides of the ear rather than the mono phenomenon like some other cheap True-Wireless headsets.


My personal assessment, who used to wear Pamu Scroll before, is almost nothing at all. Extremely light and pleasant. The weight of each ear is only about 5g. I can wear Padmate Pamu T5 comfortably for a few hours in my ears without any entanglement. A little note is that the ear grip of this headset will depend in part on the eartips used. Remember to choose the right size with your ears or if you can upgrade to more advanced eartips such as Spinfit or Final Type-E, the feeling of sticking your ears will be much more sure and great.

With IPX6 water resistance and excellent ear grip, Padmate Pamu T5 is confident to be a companion for anyone who loves sports, has an active lifestyle. I have been running under the rain for about 20 minutes (unfortunately not sick), Padmate works completely normal, without any technical problems.

A point I like in this headset over Pamu Scroll is in the faceplate with a rough texture. This makes the operation more accurate than previous smooth and curved surfaces. The sensor is still very sensitive, even when it comes to water.

Padmate Pamu T5’s wave and connection problem is very stable. Reconnect quite quickly when removing headphones from the charger box. No signal drop, very low latency when I tested on the VIVO Z3 with Bluetooth 5.0 support. Switching to iPhone 6s, though the sound quality and stability are not diminished, the latency when watching video increases clearly, especially when playing games.

Padmate Pamu T5’s battery life is acceptable. 3.5 hours for one charge and the charger box with 1000mAh capacity for another 14 hours of music playing. Practical experience is about 3 hours each time I fully charge. You can also check the battery status of the headset immediately when connected to the phone. The battery percentage will be displayed next to the headset icon or in the Bluetooth connection section (each carrier will display differently)

In the acoustic part, I only experienced Padmate Pamu T5 for about 60 hours. Although using only small diameter drivers of 6mm but when compared to the True-Wireless headphones and the same range, Padmate Pamu T5 proved to be quite good sound quality. Singer voice advances and floats on the background of music. The mid range is thicker and thicker so Padmate Pamu T5 exhibits a better male voice than a female voice. The female voice proved to lack the inherent ethereality. Small details in the music, such as the singer’s swallowing noise, are not shown. Bass band hit with force, amount at pretty, neat and round. Focusing heavily on mid-bass, sub-bass does not descend deeply. The performance band stopped at the average level, it would be lack of brightness with the treb-head. The tinkling or the sound of cymbals lacks sharpness.

Padmate Pamu T5 will suit gentle rap / hiphop, R&B or Pop genres. Padmate Pamu T5’s sound quality is hard to get at this price.


At less than 2 million VND, Padmate Pamu T5 is a True-Wireless that satisfies the Low-Cost criteria required. Ruggedly superior, IPX6 water-resistant features are superior to the majority of earphones of the same range, Bluetooth 5.0 is fast and stable, simple connectivity, touch control, decent battery life, sound quality matching east. If you are supported with some Aptx codecs or standalone binaural features, Padmate Pamu T5 will become an unacceptable True-Wireless from the price range.

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