Padmate Pamu Slide Mini True Wireless Headphone with a Great Design

Padmate Pamu Slide Mini True Wireless Headphone with a Great Design

The modified design, the new charger into a “flip” of the original version of the Slide allows the headset has “shrunk” to the weight “lighter” with which to actually use it.

Padmate Pamu Slide Mini True Wireless Headphone with a Great Design

The Pamu slide mini are designed to match “The body of the majority” makes the headphones able to provide Light touch “But still firm”. The driver for the sound of the headphones is check the equalizer came in the character voice, “heavy bass impact my” tone the “midrange and treble are flashy fit” , the headset it. ” Able to support daily use as well “. Padmate Pamu Slide Mini uses the high quality Bluetooth Chip QCC3020 that supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has the ability to Delivering sound signal is stable, resulting in “low delay between sound and picture” (very little delay If not sitting at fault) with a delay rate of 425 ° which is found to be 0.1 – 0.3 seconds on average only.

The Padmate Pamu Slide Mini earphone charging box is a Type-C battery charging port, which takes an average battery charge of approximately 1.5 – 2 hours only. “Considered very little.”. There is also a “Fast Charge Mode” that takes just 5 minutes to charge the headphones and can be used continuously for up to 1 hour.

The end of the line: The end of the line is clear, easy to hear, found a slight distortion. But still able to listen, understand and chat well.
Microphone sound: The microphone sound from the speaker’s side is loud and clear. The Noise Reduction system can press the noise, such as car sounds, wind down to a lot. Even in a location where there is a lot of noise, it is still possible to communicate further.

The Padmate Pamu Slide Mini’s bass tone produces large, thick sound. Has a fairly wide bass area “Feel full listening and bumping face” the bass sound of this padmate earbuds will come out. “Much more than other frequencies” but “not to overshadow the mid-range and treble.” The piece of music that can be easily captured is the sound of Celebrated (Kick Drum), bass guitar (E.bass) for anyone who is Tu Eid “or like listening to music such as Hip-Hop, EDM, RnB must be hit !!!

The overall mid tone of the Padmate Pamu Slide Mini has a “medium sound mass”, with a soft tone. Still gives a natural feeling Cry out in a small mass “But still listening clearly” did not feel that was obscured by musical pieces. Sound pieces that respond well in the middle area such as piano (Piano), guitar (A.guitar, E.guitar), synthesizer (Syntheziser), string (String) is “still listening” even if the tone appears smaller as well.

Treble tone “smooth and soft” listening to heavy rock music “Still do not feel the symptoms”. The distortion sound of electric guitars (crackling) can still be heard “smooth and smooth listening.” For anyone who still “likes it, the slap in the sharp treble in a flashy style” would be difficult. Than other headphones But if anyone who likes “smoothness, softness, pleasant listening”, this Padmate Pamu Slide Mini can “respond like that very well”. Overall, the music pieces that respond well in the treble, such as The sound of brass instruments from the drum set (Hi-Hat , Ride, OverHead), the end of the electric guitar (Harmonic Guitar), the tail of the snare drum, the singer’s voice (Air Tone) will “tone out in a gentle way” all.

Padmate Pamu Slide Mini has a “distinctive voice character” as a “bass” sound. The base area will come out at a lot of levels. “Giving a fuller feeling of listening” “Heavy Impact” Easy and clear listening For those who are music listeners “Rap” EDM, Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul must not miss !!! Because the Padmate Pamu Slide Mini can be used with such genre very well. The middle and treble areas are able to “Giving music details at a moderate level” Details “Not very flashy” Overall, the mood will be out in a way “smooth, soft, clean tone” more.

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