Padmate PaMu Scroll – Earphones with the Win 2020 iF Design Award

Padmate PaMu Scroll - Earphones with the Win 2020 iF Design Award

Padmate’s truly wireless PaMu Scroll bluetooth earphone wins the Win 2020 iF Design Award – the company is launching a global campaign to recruit distributors

The PaMu Scroll headphones from the innovative electronics manufacturer Padmate won the 2020 iF Design Award in Hamburg, Germany. After the victory, Padmate announced the launch of a new global campaign for the recruitment and distribution of the awarded product.

The PaMu Scroll project draws inspiration from ancient Chinese scrolls that were used to convey information in the form of words and images just like bluetooth headphones convey voice – commented Padmate Cai Xiaolu, chief designer.

The unique use of scroll-inspired elements in PaMu Scroll captures the spirit of Chinese forms of expression and distinguishes the product on the bluetooth headphone market, while attracting a group of fans who want to show their personalities. The company also established cooperation with the Palace Museum to jointly introduce Scroll headphones to the market with a customized design reflecting the Chinese imperial robe with a dragon, reflecting the oriental style of the brand.

PaMu Scroll headphones provide advanced sound quality and very accurate voice reproduction. The headphones have been ergonomically designed to achieve a perfect fit to the ear, and weigh only 5 grams (0.175 oz.), Making them lightweight and ear friendly, a comfortable device. The waterproof design that meets the demanding IPX6 standard gives users the ability to use headphones in all environments without having to worry about running or traveling in the rain.

Padmate tech has also announced the launch of a recruitment campaign for brokers around the world interested in selling and distributing products. The company will keep the project inspired by the scrolls and will implement new, truly wireless bluetooth headphones with an even better level of user experience.

Founded in 2011, Padmate develops and manufactures innovative bluetooth headphones and electronic products that enable a healthy lifestyle through the use of technology. The company is looking for inspiration for unique products in generally perceived by users from various environments for attractive natural shapes and classic styles, making every headset a work of art. In 2018 and 2019, the company introduced two products, PaMu Slide and PaMu Slide Mini, on Indiegogo and received support from over 80,000 users, setting two new records on the platform. PaMu is a brand of Padmate sound products, which focuses on developing highly personalized devices that are recognized and recommended by the most important characters from the world of product experience.

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