Nail Plumping: the treatment that will change the life of your nails

Are your nails brittle, soft and fragile? This treatment is made for you!

Brittle nails can be caused by daily use of cleaning products or from the annoying habit of biting your nails. However, when weakened nails are accompanied by other signs or symptoms, such as weakness, headache, or dizziness, it may be a sign of health problems (such as anemia, nutritional deficiencies, or dizziness. hormonal changes, for example). Nutritional deficiencies can also cause weak nails, especially if you consume few foods rich in iron, vitamin D, zinc, selenium and vitamin B (which are found in meat and eggs, for example, and which are responsible for the beauty of the skin, hair and nails). Clearly, if your nails are very fragile, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist so that tests can be carried out to help identify the cause of this phenomenon and, thus, begin an appropriate treatment. In the meantime, certain treatments specifically designed for the nails can save the day, such as “nail plumping”.

Nail Plumping: this plumping treatment that ensures a perfect manicure

Even if beauty addicts use the best of the professional nail supplies, they face many challenges when it comes to the appearance of their nails. Among the most common: broken, soft, yellow or fragile nails. And when one of them breaks, what’s more frustrating than the thought of having to file them all down? CND Shellac (the professional gel service that revolutionized the nail industry in 2010) has the answer with a unique system. With this new CND Plexigel, common nail problems can be solved easily and without mess. It is a semi-hard gel, significantly more resistant than the flexible gel. This transparent self-leveling gel drains from the nail brush like honey. This new technology offers over 3 weeks of strength and length with minimal application time. It repairs cracks and makes the nails more resistant by protecting them. This nail technology is offered in many nail bars, and available for purchase.

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