Maxi Dresses for a Cruise

A cruise vacation is the ultimate way to de-stress and escape the long, hard winter. However, figuring out what to pack is anything, but relaxing. I gave you a few ideas for what to bring when I wrote about What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise. But, there’s one more thing I want to add to the list — a cute maxi dress! Here are three can’t go wrong maxis, and how to style them.


If you’ve been hesitant to buy a maxi because you couldn’t see yourself wearing it to the mall or out to lunch with a friend, then you’ll be glad to know that you’ll feel right at home wearing a maxi dress on a cruise. They’re perfect for a sun and sail vacation. Colorful, breezy maxi dresses online like this chevron one, above, have a laid back vacation vibe that’s a natural fit for the cruising lifestyle.

All you need is a cute tote and some comfy cork wedge sandals, and it’s anchors away!


You couldn’t get more nautical than stripes, making them everyone’s print for cruising. Stripes are sporty which translates into fun, energetic, adventurous and youthful… exactly the look you are aiming for when you travel.

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What’s so nice about this black and white striped maxi is that it has great coverage at the shoulders. No skinny, too bare spaghetti straps here! This is a particularly flattering style for 40+.

Also, the combo of black and white creates a neutral base. This means you can throw another color on with it. If you get tired of an all black and white theme, add some rustic looking rustic orange beads, or any other bright color to give your dress a modern twist.

A big sun hat like this black one gives your outfit a bit of a boho vibe. And, don’t forget to bring some glam sunglasses. The bigger, the better, ladies as they will balance out your floppy hat.

This dress could take you from breakfast the on the ship to sightseeing onshore during the day, and then to drinks before dinner. It’s very versatile.


If you’ve ever been on a cruise you know they have casual dinner nights and fancier dinner nights. Here’s a maxi that is a little dressier than what we have seen. This pretty, bold, blue floral maxi looks like it has been plucked off a tropical island. It would be lovely at a dressy dinner. Of course getting a dressier also depends on the way you style your maxi. Here, we’ve added fine silver jewelry and a dressy metallic clutch that has some texture. Texture adds interest and makes your looks more relaxed.
If there was ever a time to wear a bit of bling on your feet, it’s vacation time. Show off that pedicure! Go for a pair of flat sandals in metallic silver to keep things light and show off your dress. Trying to match the color of your sandals to your dress ( i.e., blue or purple sandals) would be matchy-matchy, and not modern. These silver cork wedges work are pretty and comfy too.

One word of caution- Be sure to wear in your sandals before your trip. Sometimes the bling on the top of the sandal or at the sides breaks through the leather and rubs against your foot. You don’t want to be wearing bandaids on your feet all trip.


For gals who want more coverage, there are plenty of maxi dresses that cover your arms that are fabulous too.

For more ideas on what to wear on a cruise check out these ship-shape ideas. And please, let me know if you have worn a maxi on a cruise and did you enjoy it?


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