Matte Nail Art: Matte nails with matte nail polish

Today our journey into nail art arrives at the matte finish. we love the matte finish when it comes to makeup, let alone if we didn’t like the matte nail art too!

Matte nail polish is one of those products that gives the opportunity to create many types of nail art. In fact, the matte nail polish looks good on its own, it goes well combined with a very shiny nail polish or with a metallic finish, it can be combined with glitter or an accent nail. In short, you can really do anything with it.

Even as far as colors with matte nail polish are concerned, you are spoiled for choice. Personally, I love the matte enamel in the black variant and also in all those slightly “dusty” colors such as dove gray, antique pink and so on. Same goes for the nail shapes: in my opinion you can have an excellent result whatever the shape of your nails even if I personally love the matte polish on ballerina or coffin-shaped nails.

The advice before applying a polish like this is to better polish the nail with a special file or polishing block.

As always, we have collected above a gallery of ideas to copy based on matte nail polish.

To get a matte effect nail polish you have three possibilities:

  • buy an openly matte nail polish, the ideal solution if you want to have a maximum of one or two matte glazes in your collection
  • buy a special top coat capable of making any nail polish matte. An ideal solution if you want to give free rein to your imagination. We link one here on the side
  • learn how to make any nail polish matte directly by yourself and without spending a euro. All you need is a glaze, rice starch and a plastic cap in which to mix the two ingredients.

I hope this little guide was useful to you. If you want to looking for other nail beauty supply, take a look at our sponsor! On the Maryton website, you will find a rich assortment of manicure and pedicure set.

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