How to remove the gel varnish?

The gel polish promises flawless nails for 3 weeks. On the other hand, its filing requires a lot of precaution.


A few years ago, gel varnish was popular. Thicker than a classic nail polish, made of acrylic polymer, it promised our nails 3 weeks of shine and respite. Better yet, spread by the beautician with a nail art brush a little wide on our nails, we could cheat and make them gain thanks to the gel, a few millimeters in length. If it was at the time, the new generation of false nails, it is rather considered today as the ancestor of permanent varnish. Like the latter, the gel varnish absolutely had to go through the UV lamp box to fit on the nails.

Since then, the gel varnish has evolved a little, giving way to classic varnishes with a gel finish and a semi-permanent varnish, less thick.


Since the gel varnish particularly well grips the surface of the nail and is ultra-resistant, it must be removed with care. At the risk of ending up with soft and brittle nails, in poor health. One can choose to entrust the task to a pro, or do it alone at home.

The right tools:
– a solid iron cuticle repellent,

– a guillotine clamp (if the gel protrudes much beyond the nail, otherwise
no need),

– a solution to dissolve the gel or an acetone remover,

– small squares of cotton,

– a nail file,

– a polisher,

– aluminum foil.

The step by step of the removal of gel nails:
– If the gel has been used to lengthen the length of the nails, cut with the guillotine clip what exceeds.
– Lightly file the surface of the nail to remove the top coat and its glossy rendering. This makes it easier to remove the gel.
– Soak the squares with cotton (about the size of the nail), solution to dissolve the gel or acetone remover.
– Cover the cotton squares with aluminum paper, so as to form papillotes at the end of each nail.
– Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
– Scrape the surface of the nail with the iron cuticle repellent to remove the residue of gel varnish.
– Polish the surface of the nails to make it sharp.

Once the gel varnish is completely removed, you do not hesitate to moisturize your cuticles with a care with natural oils. A touch of transparent varnish and voila.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails: file them, polish them, apply a base.

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