Evaluation of True Wireless Headphone Padmate Pamu Slide

Evaluation of True Wireless Headphone Padmate Pamu Slide

Padmate has brought significant fixes and patches for those who want to bring down the AirPods king of this best sounding wireless headphones.

Claimed to be the “AirPods Killer” – like many of the true wireless headphones that have been made on the market before – but is Padmate Pamu Slide enough to threaten the throne of AirPods or is it just a faulty marketing tactic? Time familiar with the market of this TWS headset? Let’s join us to analyze and evaluate more deeply!


The Pamu Slide charging case has a unique slider design, accompanied by a large, thick size that is equally special. Large but still small enough to fit in your hand, you can slip it into a pocket in front of your jeans easily. The edges are beveled corners, completely curved, good-looking appearance. The white version looks like a jewel box made from pearls.

The highlight of Pamu’s design is not only in the “slide” cover of the charging case, it is also in the remarkable design of the housing. The housing surface is sloped, the earpiece is oval-shaped, hook-shaped, and looks like a hairdryer.

Evaluation of True Wireless Headphone Padmate Pamu Slide

But it’s not like the recently released Apple Pro hair dryer , which looks good and looks much more reasonable. The upper body is covered with impact-resistant rubber cover but the minus point is easy to slip and easy to get dust, dirt.

My first feeling when trying on it was that it hugged very close, completely separating the ear cavity, ear canal from the outside environment. There was no feeling of redundancy, it was almost impossible to fall out of the ear. But that’s just for me, for those with small ear canal will feel uncomfortable to wear, not even fit ear.

Microphone integrated microphone, both on the headset, is the microphone sensing the ambient sound, accompanied by noise cancellation technology cVc (Clear Voice Capture) of Qualcom. With such a wide range of noise-canceling and noise-canceling features, it seems that Padmate wants Pamu slide to be mainly used in noisy, noisy environments, like when working out in the gym or when running.

Wearing experience

Headphones are larger than usual. It’s still light enough, but the secret is that when you wear it, you will not care about weight anymore because it is too secret. Again, this is an in-ear format and no in-ear is not stuck. So if you want, you can loosen it a bit for comfort without fear of falling off your ears.

So in terms of experience, big size is not the problem. Even when I first tried it, I immediately fell in love with its grip, no matter how strong my headbang or my left and right head shaking, it was hard to fall off my ears. But that’s just “when I first fell in love”. The problem it exists after you buy.

TWS Earphone That Provides Unexperienced Sound "PaMu Slide"

Battery life

… According to technical information, Pamu slide has a continuous battery life of up to 10 hours and 60 hours if the battery of the charging case is included. A theoretical number is too impressive, no true wireless line can ever match it.

But the real question is, does anyone wear an wireless in ear headphones for up to 10 hours? They do not need and cannot.

The first problem is that no one needs to hear that much. Even when you are sleeping, you only listen continuously for 8-9 hours. The need to listen to music or listen to the radio of an ordinary user is not that much. Personally, I only have to wear it for 1 hour to remove it, the reason is the second problem of this true wireless pair.

The second problem is that it’s quite uncomfortable when you wear it for a long time, the very design that maximizes the Pamu Slide’s soundproofing ability makes it too mysterious to wear. Yes, you can loosen it up a bit, but if you do, what do you buy in-ear headphones for? Is it better to buy earbuds?

The third problem is that the large battery life affects the size of the housing, it is large, if not too large. It doesn’t matter a little bigger. Still fine for my ears.

Everything was fine until I gave my friend a try. My friend’s ears are small, and all aerodynamic designs that fit into the ear cavity or designs hooked deep into the ear canal are meaningless when they are not even accessible to those parts. Only able to put on the ear. Anyway, I have to admit that the design of Pamu slide is really outstanding, even just guarding it, but it’s hard to fail.

But again, if it’s just guarding, what do you buy in-ear for? Buy true wireless earbuds as always.

A little off topic in the third issue but those are my subjective ideas. It sounds a bit too harsh but the reason is because I was “triggered” by the name “AirPods Killer” that people call it only.

In fact, fair to say, 10 hours is a great battery life and not at all redundant. It doesn’t just simply give you 10 hours of continuous listening and 60 hours of charging case. It also gives you the flexibility you need when you can stay from home to the gym – to the workplace – and back to the gym without having to worry about charging.

If the battery runs out, be sure to either forget it for several days or due to the cause below.

Connectivity and features

..Due to connectivity works well.

Well, let me fix it: it worked fine on the first day I tested, then … no more after that. After hearing a relatively short time (specifically 1 day), all the anticipation and anticipation in the new bug-fix version of Pamu Slide slipped away like the way its lid slipped.

The smoothness and stability that I expect from the ad about bluetooth 5.0, the AptX codec and the Qualcom QC3020 chip of Pamu slide are only for the first time (please be assured that more than 1 day because my ears were tested tried it out already a while ago). After that, it becomes unstable, not smooth even during listening and during connection of the transmitter.

When practicing the strong bass of “Lose Yourself” , the ear suddenly hears “slap”, signaling that the battery is about to end, you must stop the “adventure” pulse, stop the practice circuit that is burning on your spirit to Remove the test only to know that the battery is still there.

Not only that, there are times when you will want to listen to one ear for easy work exchange because the soundproofing ability of Pamu slide is so good, listening to both ears will be almost deaf. At that time I advise you not to put the ear that has just been removed into the charging case, it will disconnect the bluetooth. Although this is a bug of the previous version and Padmate announced a fix for this version, but what I experience is not very much.

Next to the navigational manipulation, this version has updated nearly all the basic touches, just missing the song only. This part is not too important, so I still appreciate it.

There is also a feature that no other TWS headset has, which is a large-sized charging case that can act as a wireless charging box for smartphones. A feature that I think is very convenient, especially when the trend of wireless charging is increasingly being favored by manufacturing brands into smartphones. There are also some other features like IPX6 water resistance or automatic device connection that are also very convenient and worth the money.

Except for water resistance, I evaluate the other features of the Pamu slide that are far behind AirPods.

Sound quality

Sound quality is better than AirPods – that’s what many people say. Personally, I feel the same. However, comparing the sound quality of an in-ear ear to an earbud earphone at the same price, I feel a bit limping. Compared to AirPods, compared to AirPods Pro, the fact that Pamu slide sounds better than AirPods is almost the minimum it must do. The requirements are a bit high, but that is what a pair of self-proclaimed “AirPods Killer” headphones need.

Let’s start with good, good bass, better than we expected. The amount is much, warmer than the previous version. And .. that’s all, that’s all better than what I expected. Bass is greatly increased if placed in the true wireless ear segment favoring mid and treble at this price range. Pamu slide’s bass range is sufficient to hear the prevailing EDM genres, usually they do not require too much in the quality of the bass range.

However, according to personal perception, it does not give itself the minimum satisfaction. The amount is relatively large, but the low, fuzzy, low, sub and upper bass ranges are mixed. Secret soundstage, the sound of bass is not clear. The drum sound when I listen to rock is not definitive, dragged away, even lacking in power, not deep. It seems that at this price, the Pamu slide only has enough money to increase the bass, not enough to handle and perfect it. Overall good.

To feel the amount of bass that Pamu Slide headphones have, you should probably listen to some electronic EDMs. I suggest suggest the heavy metal electronic version, the OST of the game DOOM – 2016 to feel more clearly.

Regarding the second part of mid and treble strips, maybe I don’t need to say much. A true wireless that does not do well with these two strips should probably not be sold on the market. The mid range is clear, smooth and warm. Treble is similar, soft and separated from mid, different from the chaos of bass. According to my assessment, treble of Pamu slide is handled better than AirPods, not dazzling when climbing, quite round shoulders.

But, even trying to TWS Padmate headphones will not overcome the disadvantages of the in-ear line. Although the soundstage and the picture were carefully painted by Padmate, even in Bang Kieu’s Paris By Night concerts, I could feel the sound of the triangle tinkling echoing everywhere, the piano, the violin Every note, every note clearly. However, it still lacks airiness, immense, mixed with the necessary environment. Anyway, I still like the sound quality of Pamu Slide.

Very nice. Of course, compared to the price range.

Basically, Padmate Pamu slide has great sound quality, good value for money, high and midrange, but the bass is also relatively good, better than I thought. The conversational tone is also good and clear enough, if there is no connection problem, the Pamu slide is sound better than AirPods.


Good but not as good as the “AirPods Killer” designation it was. Can be clearly seen, Pamu slide has many unique features, good sound quality but can not say that it is a direct competitor of AirPods.

The features that it focuses on outperform the price, but it’s not the focused AirPods feature. Including the feeling of wearing, connectivity, convenience is the key selling point that makes AirPods the number one selling TWS earphone is not the strength of Pamu Slide, even the weakness. Too weak to put on the scale compared to AirPods.

Pamu slide is a good sounding headphones, sporty design, many unique features that excel in the price segment. It has its own customer segment, quite different from the popular customer segment of AirPods. It was really lame to say that it was the “AirPods Killer”. Even when it comes to impressive sales, it doesn’t matter much to AirPods.

Genuine True-wireless Pamu slide headphones will be on sale at Moldac from 11/11 with exclusive offers this November:

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