Base coat: the essential of the manicure

First gesture of the manicure, the base coat protects the nails and facilitates the application of the varnish. Everything you need to know about the essential accessory of pretty nails.


To achieve a perfect manicure, it is not enough to adorn your nails with a colored varnish. Upstream, the first step to absolutely respect is the application of a base coat (also called varnish base, quite simply). It is very easily found on the market, in the form of transparent lacquer or very slightly tinted. Its protective effect is essential to preserve the health and beauty of the nails: it acts as a protective film that prevents the pigments of the varnish from penetrating the nail. That is, it prevents the nail from yellowing.

Some basic coat formulas are also real treatments that have the power to repair damaged nails. Enriched with restorative active ingredients, they strengthen brittle nails, harden too soft nails, smooth striated nails and even grow lazy nails.

Another advantage of the base coat? It facilitates the application of the varnish. By adorning the nail with a thin layer of lacquer, it smoothes the small roughnesses and creates a slippery surface that allows the varnish to be applied more easily.

Be careful, however, not to confuse the top coat base with the top coat, which is 100% transparent and applies at the very end of the manicure to make it last and give it a shiny appearance.


It is ultra-easy to apply, exactly the same as a classic nail polish:

– The brush is slightly drained before placing it in the center of the nail, near the cuticle (but without touching it).

– Then, the material is gently stretched over the entire nail without protruding into the furrows (the sides of the nails).

A single layer is enough but it should not be too thick, at the risk of “bubbling”. It is allowed to dry before applying the two layers of colored varnish and the final touch of top coat.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying some varnish on your nails.

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