All the tricks to make nail polish last

Making the nail polish last for a long time is the dream of every nail addicted girl, and there are many small tricks.
Let’s see what they are together.
Use a top coat:The top coat is really an ally for the duration of our nail polish. Buy a good top coat and apply it when the second coat of polish is dry, it will ensure that the color lasts for a long time, bright and intact, on your nails. And then, on the market you can find glossy tops or tops with a matting effect, according to your tastes in terms of manicure.
Clean the nails before applying the nail polish: It is advisable to always clean the nails with nail files, before applying the nail polish. In this way, you will avoid that the product does not cling to the keratin of the nail as well as possible, and that it breaks at the first impact.
Choosing the right base for each nail polish: Applying a good nail polish base certainly allows the color to last perfectly for many days. Each type of nail polish has its perfect corresponding base, however the base is essential if you choose to apply a dark nail polish, to prevent the nails from staining and yellowing.
Golden rules of enamel application: Enamel must be applied in small quantities, to make very thin layers. The rule applies to full and dark colors, as well as light ones like nudes and beiges. In addition, it is advisable to always seal the edges of the nails, painting the extreme edge of the nail at the end of the second nail polish application.
Beware of hot water: In the first 12 hours of applying and drying your nail polish, choose to avoid exposing your hands to very hot water. For example, in the shower, while massaging the scalp, the enamel could easily crack.
Avoid exposing your nails to scratches and bumps during daily life, it is always a good idea. The good quality nail polishes and luxury brands represent real nail treatments, and they last even 6 or 7 days.
Hoping to have been helpful, I hug you and look forward to seeing in the next article!
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