A holographic varnish for futuristic nails

Fancy a futuristic manicure? The holographic varnish will certainly please you! And it falls, in 2022 the nails will be iridescent.


Almost similar to mirror varnish,holographic varnish is part of this season’s metallic trend. And this time, it is not on our eyelids but on our nails that metallic shades are invited! The result is an electrifying manicure and a bit futuristic that already seduces the most seasoned beauty addicts on the Web. Recently, many of them have been testing the chameleon effect of holographic varnish on their nails. A mesmerizing tendency to adopt urgently to magnetize everyone in his path…


To get a holographic manicure, several options are available to you:

 Opt for a metallic varnish: it will be much easier to find on the market than a holographic varnish. Even if they are different, their rendering is almost similar on the nail. For this, the Metallics Tenue & Strong Pro nail polish collection from Maybelline New York will be ideal.

 Treat yourself to a chic holographic varnish: recently, Christian Louboutin who released his Loubichrome varnish: a varnish with a unicorn brush and ultra chrome finish. “The nails seem to be soaked in liquid metal,” says the maestro of the shoe.
Holographic varnishes can also be found at I Love Nail Polish or WIP.

 Apply a powder varnish: it will probably be easier to find a holographic powder varnish. And as with any other varnish, we start by applying a base to allow the powder to adhere well to the nails. You then dip your nail in the powder and then tap the fingertip to remove the excess material. The powder can also be applied using a small plastic spatula. Finally, to hold the color, we fix the powder with a layer of top coat.

First of all, we recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails: file them, polish them, apply a base.

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