7 Spring Beauty and Makeup Trends to Try Right Now

A multitude of beauty trends have hit the runways for spring this year and we’re starting to see more and more of these trends on our favorite beauty icons. If you’re a beauty junkie like me and you love anything that’s beauty, skin, and makeup related, check out these spring beauty and makeup trends that you can try right now.

1. Clumpy mascara – it’s the look we all tried to avoid but, alas, it looks like the makeup and beauty warriors have given up and succumbed to the look that is clumpy mascara. Now, who would have thought clumpy mascara could look so good? The fact that it takes zero effort to accomplish makes the trend even more appealing.

2. Blue eye makeup – spring is giving the term “blue-eyed girl” a whole new meaning this year with one of the hottest trends for the season being blue eye makeup. Wear it on its own, foiled, with glitters, matte, blended out, smoky or any other way you like.

3. Pinks and peaches all over – shades of pink and peach are often worn only on the lips or on the cheeks but this spring, expect to see them on the lids as well. Wearing a full face of pinks and peaches may seem overwhelming but, when done right, can give you a very soft and romantic look.

4. Upgraded ponytails – the basic ponytail, while convenient and reliable, can be boring when worn regularly so why not play it up and give yours a cool new twist each time? There are a ton of ways to dress up and upgrade your ponytails and most of them only take a few minutes to make, too.

5. Big time braids – if you want something a little bit more ornate and intricate for your hair, though, you can always opt for a good ol’ braid. Braid masters, give it all you got. Apparently, this spring, bigger and bolder braids are better.

6. Cherry red lips – the past season has been all about either dark and vampy shades or ultra nude lips. This spring, though, all that is about to change as cherry red lips take center stage.

7. Two-step smoky eyes – how do you create a smoky eye in two steps, you ask? Simple: pat some color on your lids, smudge it our haphazardly and you’re done! This is the look that backstage makeup artists are using to get that effortlessly sultry look on runway models.

Source: glamradar.com

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