10 Bodycon Dresses That Donot Ride Up

If you think the summer cuffing season game is a joke, than you’re obviously married or living under a rock. Sexy season is in full effect, and it’s proven itself in numbers.
Ebay, who has expanded over the past two years to sell trendy clothing for women and designer goods, recorded sales from March 1 to May 23, 2014 as a way to understand worldwide purchasing habits. From their report they found 500,000 bodycon dresses were sold in the past two and a half months, which is a 200 percent increase over last year’s sales in the U.S. within the same time period.
The thirst is indeed real. And we’re not mad at it.
Bodycon dresses are a great piece to wear from a day party or club hopping. They hug the body and tend to come in stretch/smooth fabrics. There’s honestly nothing better for a summer look than this type of dress with sandals or heels. But there is one annoying quality. For girls with a bit of a body, these type of dresses naturally ride up and it become a task to pull down throughout the day.

Lady Love Song Cheap Bodycon Dresses

Lady Love Song Dress in Ruby, $89.99

Cheap Bodycon Dresses in Teal, $49.99

Marigold Pencil Lace Dress

Nightcap Clothing Marigold Pencil Lace Dress, $198

Printed Portrait Bodycon Dress

Printed Portrait Bodycon, $78

Ex-Factor Bodycon Dress

Ex-Factor Bodycon Dress, $118

Cut Out Midi Dress Black

6 Shore Road Sun Valley Midi Cover Up Dress, $135

291 Back Knot Midi Dress

291 Back Knot Mid Length Dresses, $89

Oak Front Panel Dress

Oak Front Panel Dress, $168

Whistles Morgana Midi Dress

Whistles Morgana Midi Dress, $575

Honolulu Babe Dress

Honolulu Babe Dress, $40

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