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PaMu Slide Earphones - AirPod Killer With Wireless Charging Case
Pamu Slide – Best Wireless Headphones for Music and Sports
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Best Seller on Indiegogo The project raised $ 6,000,000 from more than 100,000 supporters. This is the most successful headset project from 1 Start-up. Meet all your requirements Possessing a Qualcom QCC3020 chip and integrating many of the latest technologies, Pamu Slide will meet all your entertainment needs. Sounds alive Demonstrates ability to play bass […]

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5 Steps To Kendall: A Look At Her Aesthetic Staples
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I’ll say it here and now, because I’m not afraid of being controversial: Kendall Jenner’s sense of style tends to be underrated, particularly when we’re talking about what she wears out and about, and not in fashion shows. (Because I’ll be serious: The day I wear actual Victoria’s Secret Angel wings is the same day […]

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